Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Sometimes I look at the present and I see the future. I see a child and I see him as he will be--an old man with those same bright eyes and undying spirit. I see a young insecure teenager and I see her in five years from now, in a dark place from which few return.
And sometimes I see what we will look like in the grand scheme of things--how everything that we think is modern and fashionable will one day be as the Middle Ages. In your mini-skirt I see a bustle and in your rock band I see a bard, and one day our age too will pass and a better age will come.
Someday I'll be that old lady on the porch saying that in my day we had cars run by gas and how we had stronger morals and better attitudes. One day everything that is cool will be old fashioned.
Some day people will shake their heads at us and wonder at how backwards we are. Our obsession with war, the hundreds of us lost to drugs and violence, rape and darkness every day around the world. Some day the human race will outgrow this stage, just as we outgrew every other stage.
It's discouraging too, because it makes you realize that in the grand scheme we really are backwards.