Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Woman in the Blue Spacesuit, Part 7

Luke sat on the curb with his head between his knees, half between sleep and alertness. He leaned his head against the hub of his car and tried to sooth the throbbing in his brain. In his mind he followed a woman in a spacesuit through his college dorm, and she kept vanishing and reappearing in the most unexplainable places. It wasn’t exactly a dream, just a fancy he had.
            “What are you doing there?”
            He felt something suddenly cold against his skin. He realized with a jump that another man was with him, quite close and his hands gently rooting in Luke’s clothes.
            “Sorry to disturb you sir. I am cold sir,” said a deep flat voice.
            “It’s all right chap, I don’t mind. I’m pretty cold myself.”
            “Why are you outside on a night like this?”
            “Man, I can’t drive home the way I am.”

            “Pity.” Luke felt his pocket lighten and watched as the stranger’s hand moved slowly away with a small brown wallet in his hand. Luke murmured to protest, but the stranger raised a finger to his lips and hushed gently. Luke’s head drooped down to the hubcap, and the other man looked around and hurried away.